I will talk at Codemotion

I will talk about MongoDB again. It’ll be at Codemotion, the most important developers meeting in Spain! The topic: “MongoDB: How to improve your app’s performance” Where and when: University San Pablo CEU Campus of Montepríncipe Boadilla del monte, Madrid Track 8 18:30 a 19:15h. If you want to review […]

Discover your data with MongoDB Compass 2 comments

Do you know the new MongoDB tool which lets you analyze your data, the structure of your collections in a visual manner without having to write down commands? Its name is Compass and it is available for you now! DATA SET I am going to describe how to use it […]

5 Easy ways to learn MongoDB

You have heard about a new and revolutionary database technology but you don’t know any more about it? Are you wishing to learn about the philosophy of MongoDB or to get the most out of it? Perhaps, are you thinking about what MongoDB can do for you and your company? […]

Tips for taking MongoDB Certifications with guarantees

In this post I am going to try to give you some useful tips for taking the MongoDB Certification exams with guarantee. Certification types As you already know, nowadays MongoDB offers the possibility to obtain the ‘Associate’ level on:

Tag Aware Sharding

When we shard a collection MongoDB distributes its data across all the shards of the cluster. MongoDB uses chunks, split and round balancing for getting it. For all of you who want to read about it here it is our last post MongoDB Pre-splitting. This is how MongoDB allows our […]