What is the MongoDB Pre-Splitting?

In Two steps to shard a MongoDB collection and What is a MongoDB chunk? posts we explained how to shard a collection, what a chunk is, which of them are moved when our system is not balanced and what shard will be its destination. Today, we are going to use […]

How MongoDB balance your data?

We have already studied the chunk concept What is a MongoDB chunk? and also how MongoDB splits it when grows beyond the maximum size established by default Four steps to split a MongoDB chunk. At this post we are going to study the steps that MongoDB follows to balance our […]

Four steps to split a MongoDB chunk

This is the second part of the post What is a MongoDB chunk? What are the steps for splitting a chunk? All the mongos store information about the size of the chunks of all of the shards. When a mongos realizes that a chunk has been written a lot, it asks […]

Cómo formar a los niños para las profesiones TIC del futuro

I’m sorry. This article has not been translated into English because I have not had enough time yet. Elegir profesión Si ahora mismo tuviera que escoger una profesión para un hijo mío esta sería la de Informática (si es que se puede seguir llamando así). ¿Por qué Informática? Por dos […]

How to launch MongoDB while our MAC OSX starts

Launching MongoDB while our MAC starts Once MongoDB is installed in our MAC OSX, the most useful is to launch the mongod service automatically when our computer is starting. Steps to follow These are the steps to follow: