MongoDB Aggregation Framework (part 3)

Part III of the post MongoDB Aggregation Framework Examples After a brief and theoretical introduction to the Aggregation Framework philosophy, and its odds, we are going to begin with what is really important for us, the examples. Single purpose aggregation operations Count y Distinct are the operations we are most […]

MongoDB Aggregation Framework (part 2)

Part II of the post MongoDB Aggregation Framework MongoDB vs SQL As I know that most of you come from SQL world, I am going to show the equivalence between the sql functions and the functions we will use with the aggregation framework. MongoDB Aggregation Operators SQL Functions $project SELECT […]

MongoDB Aggregation Framework

Today we begin a set of posts for understanding how to work with the Aggregation Framework. In my post First steps with MongoDB we could see how to make basic queries on the database. Therefore, this is the right moment to take a step forward and learn how to extract aggregated […]

My thoughts about the MongoDB workshop

Last Saturday, April 11th 2015, I had the opportunity to show and to explain to my friends of @Charrosfera and Betabeers Salamanca how to begin with MongoDB.

Salamanca MongoDB Workshop

Next Saturday, April 11th 2015, I am offering a hands-on MongoDB workshop at Salamanca. The workshop goal is to expand your practical MongoDB knowledge. We are going to practice from installation to the configuration of a Sharded Cluster through the Aggregation Framework, indexes, etc. This is the summary. At this link […]

How to upgrade your MongoDB deployment to 3.0 version

It is the moment to upgrade our MongoDB installation, do we know how to do it? In this post we will explain how to achieve it for all sort of deployments, a stand-alone node, a Replica set or a Sharded Cluster. We will talk about how to upgrade to 3.0 […]

MongoDB talk at Colegio Trinitarias

First thing I’m going to do is to thank Rafael, Augusto and Ángel Luis their interest in this talk. Also to the School for giving me the opportunity of enjoy your company. I would like to have helped to complete the knowledge of the informatic pupils. At this link you […]

MongoDB at Colegio Santísima Trinidad Salamanca

Next Wednesday, March 11th at 17:00 h. at the Colegio Santísima Trinidad de Salamanca, I will be talking about MongoDB. I am going to explain its main characteristics to all of you who want to learn a bit more about this database. Thank you very much to the informatic teachers of […]

Two steps to shard a MongoDB collection

In the post How to set up a MongoDB Sharded Cluster we studied how to set up a MongoDB Sharded Cluster. Its goal, as we already know, is to scale and to balance the workload uniformly across all our shards. Today, we are going to learn what to do in order to […]