MongoDB Sharded Cluster

How to set up a MongoDB Sharded Cluster

Definition A sharded cluster is a set of Replica Sets (shards) whose mission is to distribute the load uniformly, so that we can scale horizontally our applications in order to work with huge amounts of data. Advantages of a sharded cluster The main features of a sharded cluster are:

How to set up a MongoDB Replica Set

We will see how to set up our mongod services in order to deploy a Replica Set and for getting high availability and automatic data replication. The first thing we need is to have MongoDB installed in our computer. If you do not remember how to do it, you can […]

First steps with MongoDB

We have just installed MongoDB in our machine (Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 14.04), and the service is running. We will study how to create databases, collections and how to work with our documents. Also, we will answer those most common questions everybody ask themselves when beginning to work with a […]

MongoDB talk at Betabeers Salamanca

These are the slides about MongoDB I made for my talk at Betabeers Salamanca last September 30th. Hope you like!!!


MongoDB at Betabeers Salamanca

Hello everybody. I would like to tell you that next September 30th, at 19:00 h., there will be a new Betabeers Salamanca edition!!! For this ocasion we will meet us at the Local Hero pub, on the street: Crespo Rascón, 11. Salamanca. I am grateful to Charrosfera for inviting me […]

Install MongoDB on Ubuntu 14.04

It is very easy and fast to install MongoDB on our machine, in just around two minutes we will be working with our data. I remember you that it is always recommended to use the packages (.deb) from the MongoDB repository and not from Ubuntu repository. Why? With MongoDB files […]

MongoDB Logo

MongoDB: Characteristics and future

We know that the information internet generates is today much large than yesterday. Also, that the enterprise capable of extract the value of that data will adopt better strategic decisions and will offer their customers the best products. Therefore, store and analyze the information as quickly as possible will be […]