5 Easy ways to learn MongoDB

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You have heard about a new and revolutionary database technology but you don’t know any more about it? Are you wishing to learn about the philosophy of MongoDB or to get the most out of it? Perhaps, are you thinking about what MongoDB can do for you and your company? So, this post is for you!


The next five points are not ordered in any way. You can follow them as you like. Even, I am sure you will study more than one at the same time.

Online Courses
Download and Practice with the Community Edition
MongoDB Web
Especialized Blogs
Kristina Chodorow’s Book


If you have not heard before about NoSQL, I recommend you to read the documentation link ‘NoSQL Databases Explained’ of the list above in order to achieve the most basic concepts. Next, I think it would be mandatory to read the documentation link  ‘What is MongoDB?’.

Also, this post MongoDB Characteristics and Future can help you.

Online Courses

Excellent is the MongoDB University, a very good resource to learn at your own pace throughout short video lessons. Here you can find very clearly explanations while practicing. You will choose the course that best fit your requirements.

I think everybody would take some of these courses.

Download and Play

Of course, you must install MongoDB at your own server and practice, and practice without stopping, all the stuffs you are learning.

Trained Blogs

Another resource to learn without leaving your home and, also, at your own pace are the specialized blogs like these:

Do not forget to read the MongoDB blog.


I know there are more recent books but I think the book of Kristina is still a must read. Do not miss it!

Other resources

Other resources from you will get very valuable skills are Webinars, White Papers, Datasheets and Presentations. You can find all of them at the MongoDB Resource Center.

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