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FabLab León Visit

  El pasado 6 de abril fue un día muy especial, tuve ocasión de hacer dos de las cosas que más disfruto. Una de ellas, como ya sabéis todos, hablar sobre MongoDB y la otra, volver a mi tierra, León. Desde aquí quiero dar las gracias a César, a Nuria y a Pablo por […]

My GeekUSAL 2018 participation

On March, 16th I could talk at the first GeekUSAL edition, that took place in the main room of the Facultad de Ciencias of the University of Salamanca, with great success. The event was very well planned and assistants could attend four talks and several workshops. Congrats to the organization!

Talk about Schema Design at Grupo Undanet

On August 29th I could talk to my Undanet’s teammates about how to data modelling a MongoDB based application. We reviewed those most important aspects to take into account when you have to accomplish this important task. We had a good time and I could answer all the questions my […]

Indexes And MongoDB Aggregation Framework Queries

One of the most powerful tools for checking the performance of our queries is explain(). Its use is very simple, we only have to add it to them, in this way:

The explain() method has three verbosity options: queryPlanner (default): It gives us information about the winning plan executionStats: […]

MongoDB User Group Madrid March 22nd

  Yesterday evening there was another meeting of the Madrid MongoDB User Group. This one at Telefónica Flagship Store. These meetings are an extraordinary occasion to those of you interested about MongoDB. In only one session you can learn from experts and meet people like you. We could attend the talk […]