My opinion about the MongoDB World 2018 event


First of all, you must know that every year there is another great MongoDB event, usually in London (MongoDB Europe 2018). The next will be on November 8th. So, you have two possibilities and in case you can’t attend one of them, is sure that you will the other. MongoDB events are HA and scale well because you also have periodically events around the whole world. Hence, the distance might not be an excuse.

Really, the event begins several days/weeks before its kick off. Why? My advice is that if you want to take advantage of it, will be much better for you to know in advance what will be the sessions/workflows/talks you are going to attend. Even, if you are a company, I am sure that you want to know, prior to the beginning of the event, with who you must meet in order to try new businesses. Also, if this is going to be your first time in the city and you don’t want to waste your time, it will be very pleased to prepare a tour depending on what you desire to visit, even you can buy your tickets online.

It is really exciting to meet in person those people you are in contact with through Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and so on. Even more, those friends you already met in past events, including the MongoDB Staff, of course. A good moment to meet all of them can be during the breakfast, before the first session in the morning, or the evening before if you have arrived in the city with enough time. This year I had the opportunity to have dinner with Michael Lynn (@mlynn), Joe Drumgoole (@jdrumgoole) and some of the MongoDB Masters. Thank you MongoDB, it was a very cool dinner. The best of all is that I can say that all of us already are good friends.

What do you think must have an event to have a great success? Ok, you will have all of them in a MongoDB event. Technical talks and workshops from those who build the database, advices, news, demos of the newest features, talks from other customers who also use the database, friendship, party, music, food, coffee, gifts, etcetera.


In my opinion, it’s very important to have the chance to make questions in order to resolve our issues with the database. Hence, ‘Ask the Experts’ is one of my favourites sections and I always try to take advantage of it.

Last year in Chicago the event took two days, whereas this year it took only one. I think that a two days model is better in order to let the people the opportunity to learn more. Another activity we could enjoy in the last edition was to do running, I think I am not the only one who would have enjoyed it in this edition, in an awesome place like Central Park. I am sure it is a great moment to meet new friends.

You know that MongoDB is going to share with the Community all the talks, so you are going to be allowed to learn from them even if you could not stay there in person.

So, definitively, this is a worthy event you must attend.

For those of you that are not sure whether to attend a MongoDB World is worth or not, I wish having helped you. If not, please read these posts from my friends Mike (great talk Mike!) and Ken (great talk Ken!):

As always, a big thank you to Jay, Francesca, Aydrian, Niyati, Amy, Eliane, Kirby, …

See you at the next MongoDB event!

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