My experience at Codemotion 2016


On november 19th 2016, I had the opportunity to participate as a ponent at Codemotion2016, the biggest programmers event in Spain. The place, like always, the University San Pablo CEU, Madrid.

I’m sure that you already know the topic of my talk was about MongoDB, particularly on how to improve the performance of a MongoDB-based application.

I think there were about 50 people attending due to the little classroom was almost full. That was great because my talk was scheduled the last day at the last timetable, when everybody was tired and some of them were already traveling back to their homes.

If you have attended one of my talks you know that I try to be very practical. I am happy if you learn stuffs you can apply. In my opinion I think I got it because in this way are the comments some people wrote at the event web page.

The organisation was always looking after my needs and one of its volunteers was in the classroom during the whole talk. Thank you very much!

I recommend you to live the atmosphere of the event, it was great. It’s a good opportunity to meet people, for networking, to be up to date about programming, frameworks, methodologies, new technologies, etc. I’m sure I’ll be there again next year! Don’t miss it!


This is the link to the slides off my talk.

MongoDB: How to improve the performance of your application

See you soon

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